Anonymous:  Any advice on how to tell your best friend that you self harm? Ive been putting it off for way too long because im scared of what her reaction will be. But ive finally decided to give it a shot... I just dont know how. Please Help!

Sit her down and tell her you have to talk to her about something important. Explain to her how you’ve been feeling, and then tell her about your self harm.
The fact that you’re telling somebody is amazing, we’re so proud of you! This is one of the first steps to recovery. Please get help, your best friend can be a great support system and motivation to stop self harming for good.Stay strong!


Anonymous:  Next week It will be one hundred days since I last cut...I'm scared once I reach that..if I do that I might just break down and do it again the fact that my arms are clean is a massive trigger to me and it's scary that the reason I could cut again is because I haven't done it in so long? Does that make sense?x

That absolutely makes sense, anon! You are not the only one who feels that way.
Self harm is an addiction. You get used to it. It becomes your cushion, what you fall back on when things are bad. People who’ve quit a week ago feel urges, and people who’ve quit four years ago still get urges occasionally, too. The trick is to ignore the urge. Whenever you feel like you need to self harm, busy yourself. Distract yourself by any means possible.
It’s so absolutely amazing that you’ve made it this far! If you can make it 100 days, you can make it 109, 190, 200, etc. You can do this.
Stay strong!


Anonymous:  I started cutting a few weeks back, I'm tryingnot to but I have this friend who doesn't know and she always talks about this time she cut herself and all the stuff wrong with her and it makes it harder for me to not think about it What should I do?

If you’re really bothered by it, you need to distance yourself from this friend. Before doing so though, maybe you could confide in each other. Tell her what you’re going through, that when she talks about her self harm it triggers you, and if she could stop. Try and help each other.
If you’re not comfortable with that, then again, distance yourself from her. You need all the help you can get to quit, and her constantly triggering you won’t help you.
Best of luck! Stay strong.



I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

" People with scars are still beautiful. "
" Survivors have scars. Victims have graves. "
" Depression is such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes, no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern. Just the slow erosion of the self, as insidious as any cancer. And, like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience. A room in hell with only your name on the door. "
Anonymous:  Hi, so I was clean for about 8 months but today was just really stressful and crazy and there's just so much going on and I couldn't handle it so I relapsed but the only thing different is that I cut a lot this time. The cuts are shallow but there's a lot. I don't know what to do and I don't have anyone to talk to, I'm in a boarding school in a different country than my family and I have no one to talk to at all but I need to get my feelings out. What should I do? Please help.

It’s okay anon, relapse happens. Just try again.
First things first, make sure you’re taking care of your cuts, even if they don’t look that deep, you can never be too careful. Clean them with alcohol or Neosporin. Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t hurt as much as alcohol but will apparently make scaring more likely, so try not to use that unless you 1) don’t have anything else or 2) don’t mind scarring.
Secondly, there are so many ways you can express yourself! You can take up sewing, write a letter to your family, painting, writing, drawing, cooking, literally anything you can think of! Not only are they creative outlets for letting out your anger, they also work as great distractors. So they next time you feel the urge to self harm, you can just do whatever activity you’ve taken up and use that to get rid of those feelings you’re feeling. I hope this helps anon, good luck!